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Luling, TX temperature deconstruction

See, the trend IS up.  At 0.04°F per century.  Long cycle at 109 years.

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Envisat Sea Level Deconstruction with 2 Waves

So much for sea level rise.  Going DOWN…

I thought I would have even more fun and try the best fit of two sine waves, trend, and acceleration.  After removing seasonal signals and the 25 year signal, the trend is down slightly, and the acceleration factor is also slightly negative.  The main effect is the Wave2 signal.

If the cycle should continue, you can expect a minimum around 2021 of 0.455mm, about 30mm lower than now.  And once again, I thought I would extend this out a few years and chart it, purely for entertainment purposes.


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UAH Global Temperature Deconstruction as of Dec 2011

UAH Global.  The trend is substantially lower once cyclical component is removed.  Click for larger image.

And for even more fun, another projection to 2100…  Any good alarmist will show something that accelerates, right?  And alarming it is indeed, a whopping 0.8°C.  And before you ask, yes, I’m quite sure the “Accel” parameter is accurate to 9 places  🙂

(quietly removes alarmist hat)

I’ve done dozens of these little exercises, using different techniques and datasets, and they seem to all point to cooling until 2028, ±.  This one says 2025.  But this is a projection, not a prediction, or whatever those guys call it…

UPDATE: I thought I had the January data but didn’t… Here is a chart with it.  Trend drops to 0.41°C per century.


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